BREAKING NEWS: Tyrese Gibson Hates Children, Charities and Fantasy Football

This afternoon I fired up @GibsihanaPWMC and was shocked to see our following count had gone down from following one account to two.

The man himself, Tyrese, blocked us.

I never expected this to happen. I thought we’d able to come to a deal. I’m a fair man and I was open to negotiating around pledge goals and terms. The Paul Walker Memorial Cup wanted to work with Tyrese Gibson to raise $20k for charity in exchange for a dinner in his backyard Benihana. This was a challenge that was documented on this very website.

You show me a guy that doesn’t want 10 strangers to eat dinner at his house and I’ll show you an asshole.

It’s simple. Tyrese Gibson hates Children, charities and fantasy football.

I say this as a man that spent $50 dollars on a cameo video to Spencer Pratt…

I say this as a man that got catfished on LinkedIn by a FakeTyrese (fuck you Vahdeem Viktor)…

I say this as a man that wasted a week of his life trying to convince a D list celebrity that hates children to donate to charity…

If you have 3.1 million followers and block an account with 10 tweets and 5 followers you’re an absolute loser.

We could have had a dinner of a lifetime but as far as I’m concerned we dodged a bullet of eating with a lunatic that doesn’t like children, charities or fantasy football. What were we going to talk about?

Last night Tyrese tweeted this but it doesn’t fool me.

Hey Tyrese since I know you saw our tweets so you’ll probably read this too. I know you like Trump and probably love seeing what he’s doing with the immigration situation.

Migrant children in cages. Get your rocks off Tyrese you probably love this shit since you hate children, charities and fantasy football. Like what ya see?????

And other thing @THERUNDOWN

Fuck you. I blame you for this. You probably roll Tyreses blunts for a “living” and are pissed off because he won’t let you eat in the backyard Benihana and boxed us out. Keep posting your shitty motivational podcast. This year is definitely your year and the year everything changes just like the last 35 years…

I say this to say


In closing, Tyrese I’m sad we could not come to an agreement. I truly believe our proposal was hilarious, unique and could have been beneficial for both parties and most importantly raise money for charity. If you ever stop hating children, charities and fantasy football hit that unblock button since you know where to find us.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

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